Delivering the Job and Managing Progress to Completion




  • Practical and easy to understand guidance on the key elements of planning and delivering a Controls, Energy or LV project
  • A realistic analysis of the necessary requirements to ensure your business is protected against potential commercial pitfalls associated with Time for delivery
  • Explanation and guidance on how to look after your interests on site and ensure you receive your entitlements from commencement to completion and afterwards during warranty periods


Recommended for

Sales personnel, site supervisors, project and contract managers and administrators and all other staff of specialist companies with any direct responsibility for supervising or managing the execution of sub contract works.


Contents Includes

  • Understanding the contract
  • Fixing key dates
  • Establishing a payment cycle and process to manage

Applications for payment and schedules of rates

  • Order Acceptance
  • Associated Terms and Conditions Examples / ‘Suicide’ Clauses – why and what to do
  • Time to Deliver
  • The Programme
  • Programme Checklist
  • Real World Delivery
  • Sub Contracting
  • Progress Obligations
  • Notices
  • Site Records
  • Meeting Minutes
  • Extensions of Time and Prolongation
  • Completion
  • Practical Completion
  • Defect period & Warranties
  • Defects & Warranties


Next dates

South East/London 30th April 2019, Hilton Garden Inn, Luton
NW England 12th April 2019, Hilton Hotel, Manchester Airport


Please contact 01283 512535 for more details and/or to arrange bookings


‘RCCs training enabled us to understand a complex series of issues using clear and easy terms citing real life examples. The knowledge passed on to us has given us all the confidence to ensure that our contracts work well for all parties involved and has certainly benefited the bottom line.’ Stewart MacPherson – Director – East Coast Controls

‘The courses were easy to follow and since attending I have a much better understanding of contracts which has given me confidence in not only accepting but also delivering our projects’ Mike Wood – Project Manager – Comfort Controls

What People Say About Us


“Andy has provided exceptional support to key staff at Glazing Vision. His knowledge and interaction with our team has improved our commercial competence and confidence here at Glazing Vision. Furthermore his support in offering advice on complex contracts has been invaluable, I sleep a lot easier at night having Andy’s expertise to call upon.”

Jon Shooter

Managing Director, Glazing Vision Ltd

“We work with RCC under a Commercial Support Agreement. It allows our staff to spend their valuable time on what they’re best at and if we don’t spend all the budget we get a credit. Win/win. Even if you’re not sure whether you need it, give them a call and have a chat.”

Russell Blakemore

Head of Projects, Pillinger Controls

“Having RCC’s knowledge and skills at hand has been invaluable when working through our contracts. Highly recommended!”

Kris Mitchell

Technical Director, Comfort Controls



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