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RCC offers an extensive range of services, all of which can be tailored to meet the specific requirements of your project or issue.


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Training, Seminars, Workshops


Staff Secondment


Business-wide commercial contracting process development

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Training, Seminars, Workshops

RCC’s training portfolio focuses very specifically on the needs, problems and opportunities of Specialist Contractors and consists of an integrated set of directly targeted and high quality intensive training courses with the aim of providing clear and practical understanding.

Course Programme

  • Introducing Contracts – an Essential Guide (Full Day)
  • Getting Paid – a Good Practice Guide (1/2 Day)
  • Getting Paid – a Good Practice Guide (Full Day)
  • Variations – a Good Practice Guide (1/2 Day)
  • Order Acceptance – the Most Crucial Point in Contracting (1/2 Day)
  • Specialists Contracting – Good Practice for Management and Supervision (Full Day)
  • Cost and Value Management – a Good Practice Guide (1/2 Day)
  • Progress Management – a Good Practice Guide (1/2 Day)
  • Sales & Other Key Staff – an Essential Guide to Contracting (Full Day)
  • Disputes and Claims – Not Too Hot to Handle (Full Day)
  • Understanding Adjudication – Resolving a Dispute (Full Day)

In-house training can follow the format and content of RCC’s standard courses, or can be tailored to suit individual requirements. We recommend a discussion to establish a ‘menu’ of the topics you would like covered.

Staff Secondment

Secondment of staff to projects/ parts of Client business for ongoing project work:

  • Quantity Surveyors (various levels)
  • Commercial Managers
  • Planners
Business-wide commercial contracting process development

We can offer a tailor made review of your business contracting process and procedures:

  • We can review current operational structure and processes to highlight areas of risk and opportunity
  • We can introduce, roll out, monitor and maintain Commercial Documentation and Process within Accounts, Sales and
  • Projects departments to improve Project efficiency, reduce risk exposure, provide high quality management information, improve cashflow and maximise revenue and margin returns throughout the entire Projects Division – ensuring compliance with company Sarbanes-Oxley act Provisions
  • We can identify Key Performance Indicators which provide measurement of development progress and effect.
  • We can provide ‘In-house’ training, seminars and workshops regarding the Commercial Documentation and Process
  • We can produce ‘Internal Good Practice Commercial Guide’ for use by Salesmen and Project Staff
  • We can review, monitor and provide management advice regarding Project Commercial Performance including claims for additional payment (variations), applications for payment, invoices, cashflow, monthly performance reporting and forecasting to Head Office
  • We can monitor existing and introduce, roll out, monitor and maintain new and current Commercial Procedures and
  • Commercial Documentation throughout the projects.
  • We can mentor and train existing Commercial Staff to take over the effective Commercial Management of Systems Projects after the end of the agreement.
Risk Reduction at Sales and Order Acceptance
  • Analyse enquires
  • Review proposed contracts, identify and highlight risks and onerous terms
  • Assist or controls negotiation of equitable terms
  • Guide and support at Order Acceptance using commercial good practice process and documentation.
Ensure your project is commercially managed and controlled well
  • Helping you get paid what you’re entitled to, in full and on time – applications, retention, variations
  • Understanding Legislation and making it work for you – Payment Cycles, ‘Construction Act’
  • Helping you protect your position when projects are delayed or disrupted and, where you incur additional expense as a result, ensuring you recover any loss.
  • Dispute resolution Support and Management – Avoid / Assess / Action
Planning and Programming Services

Download our Planning Services Support PDF

Drive Good Commercial Practice
  • Financial performance monitoring (variation recovery forecasting, cost to complete reviews, WIP reviews etc)
  • Operational performance monitoring (progress management, delay recovery)
Commercial Support Agreement

A Commercial Support Agreement [CSA] contains a pre-agreed pre-estimate of the resource requirement per month for providing commercial and contractual support to you company. At a review point we see whether we have overbilled or underbilled and a credit or some form of reconciliation is made. This ensures you only ever pay for the services that you use. Find Out More

econsyseconsys is a SaaS technology platform hosted on the cloud providing commercial management good practice governance, in-built automated risk management and compliance.

Designed by RCC Limited for specialist contracting businesses to control and manage end to end core commercial processes, econsys is built upon the premise of best practice and has been developed to directly address real issues and concerns experienced by real companies.




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