Consultancy Support Agreements

RCC Limited provides Consultancy Support Agreements so specialist contracting companies can access commercial, financial and contractual support as and when then need it.


The smarter way to work with RCC

We understand that you may want our support at any time. We also know that you need to control what you spend. So we have created a Consultancy Support Agreement to help you.

For a pre-agreed monthly fee – based on your anticipated usage – RCC will provide commercial, financial and contractual support services to your company as and when you require.

Preparation and prevention improves business resilience and reduces risks. Clients with Consultancy Support Agreements are proven to engage with us earlier for support.


CSA Benefits

  • Priority access to our support as and when you need it.
  • Easy-to-budget monthly payments
  • Create capacity within your existing team. In an industry where resource demand is massively outstripping resource supply, creating more time for your team is the smart way to work. A CSA with RCC will allow them to do more of what they are good whilst we take care of your commercial, financial or contractual tasks
  • As specialists, RCC can undertake your commercial and contractual tasks more efficiently and cost-effectively
  • Clear recording of all time spent appended to each monthly invoice
  • Assurance that you will only pay for the services you use
  • Enable your personnel to help themselves by being able to recommend they use RCC for all/any applicable commercial, financial and contractual support
  • Discounted fees for training
  • Discounted fees from sister-company, RCC Connect for the recruitment of temporary and permanent BMS and Energy professionals

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a CSA?

RCC’s Consultancy Support Agreement allows you to utilise our commercial, financial and contractual support services as and when required.

What is the biggest commercial benefit of a CSA?

Clients with CSA agreements are proven to earlier engagement for contractual and commercial support which leads to profit maximisation, increased business resilience, risk reduction, dispute avoidance, consistency of performance and good commercial practice.

What does it cost?

We discuss your requirements and arrive at a pre-estimate of level of support required per month for the duration. This is invoiced and paid monthly.

What if we spend more or less time?

The monthly value is purely a pre-agreed estimate. All time spent is recorded and appended to each monthly invoice. At each review point we review whether we have overbilled or underbilled and a credit or some form of reconciliation is made. This ensures you only ever pay for the services that you use.

What does RCC do?

RCC helps companies with risk reduction at sales and order acceptance:

  • Analysing enquires
  • Reviewing proposed contracts, identifying and highlighting risks and onerous terms
  • Guiding and supporting at order acceptance using commercial good practice process and documentation.


RCC also helps to ensure your project is commercially managed and controlled well. We achieve this by:

  • Helping you get paid what you’re entitled to, in full and on time – applications, retention, variations
  • Understanding legislation and making it work for you – payment cycles, the ‘Construction Act’, compliance
  • Helping you protect your margin when projects are delayed or disrupted and, where you incur additional expense as a result, ensuring you recover any loss
  • Dispute resolution support and management – avoid / assess / action
  • Driving good commercial practice
  • Financial performance monitoring (variation recovery forecasting, cost to complete reviews, WIP reviews etc
  • Operational performance monitoring (progress)



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